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KVR Tours and Travels is grandly established by K. Venkata Ramana in the year 2015 in Rajahmundry. Started with a motto to provide the best tourism services all over the world, we are the leading tour operators with Papikondalu online booking for Papikondalu Tourism and Bhadrachalam Tourism. We launched our 1 st super luxury boat “SRI VASISHTA AC LUXURY CRUISE” which is the best boat to travel on the river Godavari. After an year we launched another ultra mini luxury boat with all hifi facilities to travel on the Godavari river cruise which is named as “SRI VASISHTA RAYAL”. We offer several tourism packages from Rajahmundry to Bhadrachalam, Papikondalu, Rampachodavaram, Annavaram, Maredumilli, Pattiseema. We provide stays at Kolluru, Shivagiri and Srivaka Bamboo hut resorts.

Papi hills has an excellent view as the hills become very close to us as the width of Godavari becomes very narrow at the place. It resembles the middle partition of a woman hair which is called “Papidi” in Telugu. That is why the earlier it is named as “Papidi Kondalu”. Later in usual language the place got the name “Papikondalu”. This is where we can feel the excellent scenic beauty of Andhra Pradesh. The boat journey from Rajahmundry to Papihills will be the most exciting boat trip. We have special trips for Papihills and Bhadrachalam.

Papikondalu Tour Packages:
Papikondalu 1 day tour package
Papikondalu 2 days tour package
Bhadrachalam Tour Packages:
Bhadrachalam 1 day tour package
Bhadrachalam 2 days tour package
Vizag to Bhadrachalam 2 days and 1 night package
Vizag to Bhadrachalam 3 days package
Rajahmundry to Bhadrachalam 2 days package

For Papikondalu 2 days package and Bhadrachalam 2 days package we provide accommodation in the night. Besides these we are the best to provide tourism services all around the places near Rajahmundry. Our packages are suitable for both domestic and international tourists. Our Papikondalu images gallery will let you know the places you are going to visit as a part of your trip.

We are very much concerned about our tourists well being. So, we assure a safe and happy journey. You visit for exciting journey, we make it an awesome memory. 

Tour Packages

Papikondalu(1 day)

Adult – Rs.1100 Child – Rs.900

Rajahmundry to Bhadrachalam 1day

Adult – Rs.1600 Child – Rs. 1400

Papikondalu Night Stay(2 days)

Adult – Rs.3000 Child – Rs. 2500

Rajahmundry to Bhadrachalam 2days

Adult – Rs.4000 Child – Rs.3500

Bhadrachalam to Rajahmundry 1day

Adult – Rs.1800 Child – Rs.1600

Bhadrachalam to Papihills night stay - 2 days

Adult – Rs.3000 Child – Rs.2500

Vizag to Bhadrachalam 2 days

Adult – Rs.4500 Child – Rs.4000

Vizag to Bhadrachalam 3days

Adult – Rs.6000 Child – Rs.5500